Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"Let's Roll" back the Authority of the State

...before it's too late.

Proof that powers of government have long breached the bounds of constitutional restraint.

There's an election in one year. Anyone who votes for any candidate not fully committed to cutting the state's size and authority considerably is helping to create a distopia worse than anything fiction has ever portrayed.

Most people get the government they deserve. The rest of us have to deal with their flawed judgement.

Monday, November 11, 2013


How a Pipe Organ Works

This is clearly off topic from what I usually post here, but it's not only informative for those who wish to know, "how things work," it's also presented in a refreshingly informal way free of the snobbish academic elitism one so often finds in discussions of intelligent topics.


"They Care" because...they want you to think they care

Most who read this blog are probably not followers of astrology but, in addition to the astrological insight this post offers, there is some superb insight and analysis of the perpetual contradiction in leftists ideals.

Monday, November 04, 2013


Cutting Edge Stagnation..."for the people"

This Is the kind of thing that only a "progressive" would be cool with.

While the left (of all degrees) typically distances itself from gulag styles of socialism, the basic concepts of obedience to the state in it's pervasive quest to control economics and all aspects of life is something they all at least sympathize with to some degree.

The fact that people who so often consider themselves rebels can ultimately be so opposed to free expression is pathetic

Anyone who thinks that the sentiments of garden variety "progressives" in the age of Obama don't ultimately lead to the elimination of individual freedom has slept through history.

As I've written often, 'you want "utopia'," "equality," "justice" - join a commune and leave the rest if us alone.

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